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Cardano stake pool by phrankerCO
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single stake pool operator

SSPO helping decentralize the Cardano network
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$FIRE Token

Official stake pool for $FIRE Token. Claim $FIRE every epoch
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About [CLYDE]dev Stake Pool

Colorado based stake pool by phrankerCO

2CPU / 16GB / SSD

1GB Fiber/Cable WAN



Hi, I'm phrankerCO and I'm the operator of [CLYDE]dev Stake Pool launched in February 2022. I'm from Boulder, Colorado. I'm a full stack developer active in the #CardanoCommmunity working on cNFT and Defi projects.

The configuration of the stake pool is a block producing node and a relay node, both bare-metal Ubuntu servers with 2CPU, 16GB RAM, and Crucial SSDs connected to a redundant 1GB firewalled WAN backbone via both Fiber and Cable.

The official stake pool for $FIRE token. Every delegate earns $FIRE tokens each epoch which can be claimed via Drip Dropz.

The pool name, [CLYDE]dev, is short for my consulting business, Clyde Development Corp.


Install a Cardano wallet such as Eternl or Nami (both smart contract campatable), or Daedalus (full node wallet)



Create or restore a wallet and send ADA to fund your wallet

Youtube Tutorial


Eternl: Click on the staking tab, search for CLYDE, then click the Delegate button.
Nami: simply click the link below to go to, then click the little Join icon on the right.

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Some of the projects I'm involved with

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